Media relations works best when messages are presented in a credible, newsworthy, and timely way. We know that, which is why we can – and do – get consistent and positive coverage in whatever media matters most to our clients. Approaches to media relations are changing and, increasingly, we are going beyond the simple media release to deliver videos, podcasts, and viral messages directly to news hubs. Words on paper still have massive power, but in a connected world enabling customers to see, hear, and interact with messages can make a huge difference. It’s a curve, and we are ahead of it.

Crisis communications

Reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy, which is why crisis communications can often be the most important element in any PR strategy. For any organisation affected by a crisis, delivering the right message, to the right audience at the right time is crucial to protect its reputation in the immediate aftermath – and during the process of rebuilding confidence among stakeholders, clients or consumers in the weeks and months that follow. Every crisis and reputation management scenario is different and has its own unique challenges which often require specialist, expert advice. MM&C has an experienced and knowledgeable team able to offer a range of services and advise in the field of crisis communications, including….

  • Crisis communications planning, including creating bespoke plans unique to the client’s needs. These plans provide a practical guide which help clients to respond effectively in a real crisis situation, and it means that the client always prepared should the worst happen.
  • Advice on creating an in-house crisis communications team.
  • Creating and distributing communications to news media during an active crisis situation, including liaising with journalists, arranging and managing news media interviews, and monitoring coverage.
  • Advice on legal restrictions regarding news media reporting – for example, during a crisis which involve police investigations or criminal charges it’s vital to know what the law allows news media to report at each stage of the crisis as it unfolds. It’s equally important for clients to be aware of how the law impacts them as publishers of information via internal communications, websites, and social media channels.
  • Creating bespoke messaging for key stakeholders.

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