Customer: Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA)

Locally produced food and drink is an integral part of the Isle of Man’s heritage, culture and economy. It supports employment and generates income as part of a diversified economy, has a part to play in helping to attract tourists, and enhances the quality of life for everyone on the Island.

The need to protect and promote local produce, and to assist the customer in making an informed buying decision is vital to ensure our food sector has a bright and profitable future, and that our community, visitors and off-Island consumers can continue to enjoy an increasing variety of high quality Isle of Man produce into the future.

In order to achieve this, to our delight, we were appointed by DEFA Isle of Man to assist in researching, designing and launching via an integrated marketing strategy, the Island’s official national symbol of food and drink provenance. The research process which included interviewing key stakeholders and wider market research ensured we had a robust understanding of what the logo and marketing strategy should look like and help to achieve. Following consumer and producer feedback, our initial designs were then developed further to reach our two final provenance logos:

  • Product of: This indicates a product where the principal ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed entirely on the Island. Meat, honey and dairy products for instance have to be 100% Manx.
  • Made in: This refers to products that have perhaps some imported content but have undergone a substantial transformation on the Island, resulting in a new name, character and use.


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