Has social media changed the face of marketing?

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In today’s world of armchair marketers and online strategists, it’s proving more onerous for agencies to leave an indelible stamp on digital markets. Half the work of an agency nowadays is keeping their own brand afloat, which is a catch-22 when priority should be primarily focused on the promotion of a client’s.

The rise of social media over the past ten years has changed the face of marketing as we know it, with more traditional tactics abandoned in lieu of more neoteric digital strategies. As the world around us becomes ever more digital by the day, digital marketing employs a more personable platform for brands to connect with their customers, a luxury not afforded by more traditional marketing avenues.

Here at MMC we focus on forging ahead with revolutionary digital marketing tactics,

staying ahead of the competition and putting the needs of our clients at the fore. Marketing and advertising has come a long way since our inception in the 1990s, and the landscape of the market is constantly unfolding and shifting, which means we need to predict and adapt to changing behaviours.

Our dedicated team stay on top of digital trends to bring our clients the latest in marketing strategies, delivering measurable results irrespective of limited parameters such as budgets. Having said that, we know the strength of some of the more conventional marketing techniques, and it’s that aggregate of old and new that really enables us to establish engaging and compelling marketing strategies time and time again.

We work with some of the island’s most prominent brands, such as Manx Telecom and the Isle of Man Post Office, across a myriad of industries. Our services encompass everything from brand identity and development to event and conference support, with creativity and market-driven results at the heart of everything we do.

The future market is unfathomable. With social media an ever-changing landscape of evolving trends, agencies need to stay ahead of this curve by being malleable to the unknown, and this is what MMC have been doing since its establishment.

Your brand is a story, and all great stories deserve great storytellers.


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