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Rebecca new editRebecca, 26, has recently been promoted to Account Manager here at MM&C after recently achieving a prestigious marketing qualification. She joined the Island’s leading communications agency in 2014 at the same time as commencing her studying with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). As the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers, CIM plays a key role in setting industry standards, training and also offers accredited, practice-based qualifications from introductory to advanced level. Successfully completing a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing with a distinction, Rebecca’s new role is reflective of her established knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at a management level in delivering significant advantages in the highly competitive world of marketing.

 In Business 365 this month, Rebecca takes part in the feature ’15 minutes’ where she gives us a glimpse into her life outside of work:

Q: What were the most memorable 15 minutes of your life so far?

A: Collectively, learning that I’d successfully achieved a degree in Fashion Marketing at university (amongst three years of parties) and a Diploma in Professional Marketing more recently.

Q: What were the worst 15 minutes of your life so far?

A: When I was about five or six years old I, like many other kids, was thrilled when my mum, auntie and nana decided to join me on the waltzers ride at the funfair. Hopping in to our ‘carriage’ I sat down excitedly while keeping a tight grip on my bag of delicious candyfloss. However, a couple of minutes into the ride I found myself in a tussle with my mum as she tried desperately to snatch my bag for my pale faced nana who looked moments away from being sick. I was defeated as my precious candyfloss was violently tossed out just in case nana needed the bag. But the worst part of it was that she wasn’t actually sick in the end, and all that candyfloss had gone to waste.

Q: If you were stuck in a lift for 15 minutes with somebody past or present who would you least like it to be?

A: Watching Celebrity Big Brother at the moment, 15 minutes with Kim Woodburn (Co-presenter of How Clean Is Your House) could be quite painful. Either her husky voice would grate on me or she’d be no company at all as she focused on the cleanliness of the lifts interior.

Q: Where would you choose to go that’s within a 15 minute drive of your home?

A: To visit my mum who always manages to provide some entertainment (most of the time at her own expense!)

Q: If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody –dead or alive – who would it be?

A: My partner, Greig. Or if he’s engaged in a passionate conversation about insurance then a member of the Kardashians.

Q: What is the most you have ever achieved in just 15 minutes?

A: Probably when I lived in Nottingham and woke up very late for work one day leaving me only 15 minutes to get ready and to the coach stop in time. Anybody who knows me will understand that for me to wake up, engage my brain and get ready within this timeframe is a big achievement. The experience did make me realise I could probably afford to set my alarm a little later, but that didn’t last long…

Q: Who would you least like to speak to on the phone for 15 minutes?

A: A bank’s (who I won’t name) internet banking team. A forgotten password is guaranteed to steal a good hour or two of my time that I’ll never get back.

Q: Can you remember being 15?

A: Like it was yesterday… How care free life was in those days! Social media was all about Bebo and you had to pack both a mobile AND a digital camera if you wanted to capture some decent quality photos. Because the mobile phone wasn’t as advanced then, I like the majority of people would have been using it mainly for sending and receiving text messages at 10p a go until my credit ran dry and I’d have to go to the shop to buy a new top-up card!

Q: If you had only 15 minutes to eat a meal – which dish would you choose?

A: Donuts. Preferably jam but any other variant would be equally welcomed…

Q: If you only had 15 minutes until the world was ending what would you want to do?

A: Spend it with my family, friends and cat, Tux

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